The Craftsman Bed & Breakfast - Pacific City, Oregon, 97135, United States

Green Tags

You can purchase Green-e certified renewable energy certificates, Green Tags, to help offset the carbon footprint of your travel to The Craftsman B&B. A $1.00 Green Tag equals 24 Kilowatt/hours of wind energy and prevents 33.6 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions. Sustainable Travel International is providing U.S.-based Green Tags from the portfolio of activities managed by the Bonneville Environmental Foundation.

Use this chart based on a 200 mile round trip in your car:

  • greentags

Please add Green Tags to your reservation and offset your carbon impact.

BEF is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping stabilize our rapidly changing climate by providing high-quality, Green-e certified renewable energy certificates they call Green Tags. BEF operates projects that meet strict eligibility and performance criteria based on national standards. Since its inception, BEF has established itself as a leader in the Green Tag market with a diversified, high quality offset portfolio of clean and sustainable renewable energy projects.

The Craftsman Bed & Breakfast
35255 4th Street | PO Box 303
Pacific City, Oregon, 97135, United States
Call: (503) 965-4574


The Craftsman Bed & Breakfast in Pacific City

Located in the heart of Pacific City, The Craftsman Bed & Breakfast welcomes you to experience the beautiful Oregon Coast in style, grace and comfort. We are an award winning B&B and highly rated by several rating web sites.