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The Craftsman B&B Green Philosophy

  • We are committed to greener business practices and encourage you, our guests to experience our green ideas.
  • We choose our vendors and spending to reflect that commitment.
  • We network with other organizations that share our commitment.
  • We have set achievable goals and a realistic framework for achievement of green practices.
  • We are flexible and evolve our goals as the business at our Bed and Breakfast increases and changes.
  • We discount our rates for guests that use public transportation, bike or drive an alternative fueled vehicle to our B&B.

We are proud to have found this house and rescued it from possible demolition. We had the vision to restore one of Pacific City’s oldest buildings in to what you see today. With our loving restoration, we were able to breath new life in this family home. We took care, respecting what was here and returned the style that had been removed. Our plan was to do it with the smallest impact possible. This didn’t come without some challenges during the restoration and challenges we face today to become greener and have a smaller impact on our planet.

One challenge we face today is living in a remote area like Pacific City increases our driving to get the basic supplies for our business. We are too small for food companies to deliver to us, so we must go shopping for food weekly. We always combine our errands to that one shopping day. We shop in Tillamook or Lincoln City, depending on errands we need to run. We go to Salem or Portland about every 2 weeks and we combine many errands to one trip. Mike rarely gets in a car. Living in a small, remote town has its up side as well. We walk most places we need to go. Mikes motorcycle gets about 50 mpg. Errands that can be done on 2 wheels are. How much more green is a small B&B in a small town on the Oregon Coast?

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

  • We reduce, reuse and recycle and we take full advantage of our local recycling services.
  • We avoid disposable products and those with excess packaging.
  • We ask that people we do business with do the same.
  • We use reusable canvas bags for our market shopping.
  • We use email to conduct business as much as possible.
  • When printing, we use both sides of the paper and recycle it.
  • We reuse guest notes, regulations, guides and memos.
  • We reduce the newspaper by subscribing to weekly editions and we recycle them.
  • We reuse old linens for rags in the woodworking shop and garden.
  • We donate usable items like clothing, magazines and books to local charities.
  • We recycle or donate all of our electronic discards.
  • We compost our organic food waste.
  • We recycled stair treads from the attic staircase into counter tops in our pantry.
  • We saved all the old mill work and use it in woodworking projects.
  • We use refillable stainless steel water bottles, no plastic, no BPA's.

Freshwater Reduction

  • We encourage our guests to reuse their linens during their stay.
  • We make our coffee a cup at a time in our espresso machine, no wasted water or coffee.
  • When we restored this house, we upgraded plumbing and installed water saving devices.
  • We use a front-loading clothes washer that saves on water and cleaning chemicals.
  • We encourage showers over baths.
  • We let our over-engineered dishwasher do the rinsing.
  • We have native and draught resistant landscaping and use smart watering practices.
  • We use storm water recycling, rain barrels, for our landscape.
  • We use natural fertilizers.
  • We mulch, our mulching lawn mower and our planting beds.
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  • We dispose of paints and chemicals properly to a toxic recycling center.
  • We avoid non-biodegradable cleaning products.
  • We use nature based soaps and lotions.
  • Our mill work is finished using natural tung seed based oil.

Energy Efficiency

  • Our appliances are energy star rated.
  • We take advantage of natural light.
  • We turn off lights when not in use.
  • When running errands and market shopping, we use our car as little as possible and always combine our trips.
  • While staying with us, we encourage guests to park their car and walk around our town.
  • We use compact florescent lights for safety corridors and entrances.
  • As light bulbs expire, we replace with compact florescent or LED bulbs.
  • Our guest rooms have individual radiant heat. Empty rooms are not heated.
  • We run our B&B a little cooler in the winter.
  • We have installed screens and use nature’s air conditioning.
  • We have insulated water pipes.
  • We use two water heaters and a circulation pump so there is always hot water at the tap.
  • We perform regular maintenance on all mechanical systems.
  • We have weatherized all the windows and doors.
  • Our new windows are double pane low-e glass and energy efficient. Constructed of vinyl and never need painting.
  • Our rebuilding was done using green building practices.
  • Our floor coverings are made from natural materials, cork, wool, linseed oil and sisal.
  • We have a high efficient wood burning stove that also reduces emissions.

Alliances with Green Partners

OBBG Green Inspection Program
We are a certified green lodging property. We have met the guidelines of the Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild's "Green Inspection Program". This program has been developed through a partnership with Sustainable Travel International. It is one more step we have taken to our commitment to sustainable, green travel. As part of the program, we have aligned with other B&B’s that are also committed to engaging in practices that promote the sustainability of our planet's natural resources.
This website supports properties that are making efforts to be environmentally friendly. They rate properties on a 4 leaf system, we are "Very Good Rating, 3 Green Eco-Leafs."

Green Tags
You can purchase Green-e certified renewable energy certificates, Green Tags, to help offset the carbon footprint of your travel to The Craftsman B&B. Please add Green Tags to you reservation and offset your carbon impact.

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The Craftsman Bed & Breakfast
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The Craftsman Bed & Breakfast in Pacific City

Located in the heart of Pacific City, The Craftsman Bed & Breakfast welcomes you to experience the beautiful Oregon Coast in style, grace and comfort. We are an award winning B&B and highly rated by several rating web sites.